The first L1 Blockchain Built Specifically for Quantitative Developers.

Build decentralized, permissionless exchange traded funds in minutes with access to 60+ blockchains and 1000's of tokenized assets.

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Why DeFund?


DeFund abstracts away the cross-chain logic so building dETFs (decentralized exchange-traded funds) is entirely state management. By automating the cross-chain logic, you can focus on what matters: your strategy and distribution. DeFund handles the rest.


With current block times of ~1.3s and future block times expected to be <1s, DeFund is one of the fastest blockchains around, allowing for lightning-fast trade execution. If speed matters to your structured product or strategy, DeFund is perfect for you.


All dETFs built with DeFund Finance are fully customizable. Utilizing CosmWasm smart contracting coupled with our core chain logic, the possibilities are endless. Any tokenized asset is supported, including spot assets, staked assets, derivatives, tokenized real-world assets, NFTs, and more.

Chain Agnostic

Through our dozens of strategic partnerships and innovative blockchain architecture, DeFund is chain agnostic. This means your dETF tokens can live on  any chain, be transferred through bridges, or be listed on centralized exchanges. It's just a token.

Aggregated Liquidity

Utilizing a custom controller account architecture, DeFund maximizes the liquidity available for fund builders by using interchain messaging. This in turn uncaps the liquidity limitations and eliminates the risks typically seen with standard bridges.


DeFund is entirely decentralized and permissionless. The underlying assets controlled by a dETF are untouchable other than through the contract logic built by the dETF’s creator. The holdings of every fund can be seen directly on-chain, no matter where they live. It's transparency at its finest.

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